It is decided. Your new life in Belgium is about to start! Before you get settled in the land of beer and fries it does not hurt to get to know some more about your new country. Do you consider yourself an expert already? Take the test!

1. How many inhabitants does Belgium have?

a. 11 million
b. 66 million

2. What are the official languages?

a. None. Like the Italians, the Belgians talk with their hands.
b. There are three official languages: French, Dutch and German.

3. What is its capital?

a. Bujumbura
b. Brussels

4. How many communities are there?

a. There are three communities, French, Dutch and German.
b. The Belgians form a core community, united and cohesive from the very first day.

5. How many governments are there?

a. 6 (Federal government, Flemish government, government of the French community, government of the German-speaking community, government of the Walloon region, government of the Brussels-Capital region).
b. After spending 541 days without a government, the Belgian people decided that they could very well do without and abolished the concept.

6. Besides Brussels, what are the major Belgian cities?

a. Gingelom and Houte-Si-Plou-les-bains-de-pied.
b. Antwerpen, Gent, Leuven, Brugge, Mons, Namur, Liège.

7. The country's flag is the one on the...

a. Left
b. Right

8. The national motto is:

a. Unity makes strength
b. One time fries, always fries!

9. The king is called:

a. Kévin II
b. Philippe


1. a) 2. b) 3. b) 4. a) 5. a) 6. b) 7. b) 8. a) 9. b)